Installing the Virtual POS in your store has never been this easy

Follow these simple steps to install the Banco Sabadell Payment Gateway (powered by PAYCOMET) and start maximizing your sales

Y ahora también tienes el nuevo Smart Phone&Sell para vender en la red social o canal que quieras sin necesidad de tener página web o para recuperar los carritos perdidos de tu TPV Virtual.

Incorporate advanced features into your e-commerce and start improving your sales

100% integrated into your website

Customers remain on your page while entering credit/debit card information.

Create subscriptions

We take care of everything. Introduce the client and we’ll manage their renewals.

Advanced Fraud Management

Reduce risk in your e-commerce by correctly managing the rules via your control panel.

One Click payment with the Banco Sabadell solution

Do you have an OpenSource cart, or a custom development?

If you use an OpenSource cart such as Magento, PrestaShop, or WooCommerce, install the Banco Sabadell modules and configure them with your Sandbox or Real account. If you use a customized development, take advantage of our SDKs for the most common languages.


Access the Banco Sabadell control panel

Enter your control panel to obtain your account credentials in "Configure Product" and begin testing in SandBox or Real. Configure the notification URL to receive confirmation of your payments.

Enter the control panel

Decide which integration best suits your project

There are several ways to integrate the Virtual POS. Access our comparative table to decide which method is ideal for your project.

Access comparative table

Quick links to documentation

Aquí hemos recopilado las secciones más buscadas para empezar a integrar el TPV Virtual de Banco Sabadell.

Do you think you can beat the current integration record?

One merchant integrated our Virtual POS from scratch using Magento in just 13 minutes. Can you do even better?

Do you have any unresolved questions?

Enter your account control panel and open a new ticket.

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